The Rockall DX Group in Friedrichshafen

The Rockall Dx Group will be present in Friedrichshafen (Germany) on the yearly HAMvention. We will have our own stand, and will also support our new 9U4U DVD and the Rockall DVD


The 9U4U DVD is out now!!

You can order your copy of the brand new 9U4U DVD, made by Ronald, PA3EWP. Find out how we did it, and see the tips and tricks behind the sceen.... For 15€ or 19$ incl. shipping, a copy can be send to you. How to order? Click on the button below....

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Log has been uploaded to LOTW!

lotwlogoLOTW has been uploaded today! Some words from our QSL manager (M0URX):

"QSL requests - I have processed all 1,000 OQRS direct requests and all letters arrived up to today have also been processed. 5 boxes of envelopes all ready for the QSL printing ;-)
Bureau - I have 2,000 Bureau requests that will be processed next. The Bureau QSL cards will be posted direct to all World Bureaus in May which is my next Bureau posting date.
Already I see on cluster that the LoTW credits are appearing".

About 500 mails have been answerd for busted calls into the log. Pictures have been uploaded to the printers for making the QSL card. It's gonna be a double folded QSL card

The day after

We saw today that 500+ mails arrived with requests for bands/modes or log corrections. You can imagine that besides our hobby, our daily job has to be done, and that it will take some time to check and correct any mistakes we made. We will do this with care and consider all possibilities to make your QSO appear into our log. If we see that the time and date matches your call we wrongly put in, it will be a good one for sure!

Further more we want to thank the many HAM's for their individual donation! It gives us more and more strength to fulfill our goal, to get you in our log, now and in the future ! We also want to thank you all for writing the many encouraging words into our guestbook!



Game over for 9U4U

After 10 days of operating with 8 outstanding guys, the final curtain has fallen on a wonderful expedition. Going home to a temperature change from +35 deg. to -1 deg, made us chiver. All goods got through the customs with ease. The last update on clublog is done. Now begins the final stage: QSLing and the LOTW upload. This will be done shortly by our QSL manager, Tim, M0URX. 

9u4u athome

Here you have a satisfied DXpedition team!

The final score can be found here:

160 1 924 0 0 56
80 231 1612 3 0 78
40 2422 2806 329 0 197
30 0 3724 818 24 172
20 6629 3565 1156 0 537
17 6504 5782 925 0 742
15 6713 5435 1032 0 551
12 3889 4221 978 0 385
10 3181 3401 920 0 317
TOTAL 29570 31470 6161 0 3035
TOTAL QSO: 70 258

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